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ICO for Satoshi token

Contract: 0x5a354f816a5892e693ffa51001c534a5f7e096c8

Decimal: 0
Annoucement: [ANN] Satoshi Token

The price for Satoshi token is

1 ETH: will give you 6,895,045 SAT
0.1 ETH: will give you 689,504 SAT
0.01 ETH: will give you 68,950 SAT

Bonus for ICO

100% until May 5 12:00 am UTC
50% until May 20 12:00 am UTC
20% until June 2 12:00 am UTC

Make sure you're sending to this Ethereum address

Send to: 0x0Aa016Ce4C839fd42C3B16D0EE108A13bed328B1

After your Ethereum payment, send your transaction link and your Ethereum address to

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